Semester project | 2017

Teamwork | 5 persons

VISOR is an high performance X-ray protection for surgeons in the OR. In vascular and cardiac surgery as well as other fields, an X-ray is used during the operation. To protect against radiation, the surgeons and nurses wear lead clothing and, in the best case, protective goggles with lead glass. Previous glasses are uncomfortable to wear, leave pressure marks and do not offer sufficient protection against lateral radiation.

VISOR is lighter due to optimal use of materials and at the same time offers more protection. The ergonomic headband allows a firm and comfortable fit without countless adjusting screws. The visors shape protects the eyes and cheekbones optimally from radiation. It offers enough space underneath for glasses with visual acuity and good air circulation so that it does not fog up. A so-called dosimeter is attached to the upper edge in the middle of the visor. It measures personal radiation so that a prescribed limit value is not exceeded.

The team of this project was interdisciplinary and the development included extensive research in the OR as well as a business plan.